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21:40 - 25.11.2019

First version of ScanDoc released

Multibrand scanner ScanDoc Compact

Multibrand scanner ScanDoc® Compact

The multibrand scanner with advanced diagnostic features. This is a professional tool for service stations, позволяющий диагностировать не только двигатель а все системы автомобиля. Он компактен и удобен в эксплуатации. This is a professional tool for service stations, it can diagnose not only the engine, but all the systems of the car. It is compact and easy to operate. It can also be used in private conditions. ScanDoc Compact can work on all popular operating systems of computers and mobile devices, as well as online. This allows anyone to apply for a qualified consultation of diagnosticians without coming to a service station. Read more...

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Мультимарочный сканер ScanDoc Compact

Diagnostic interface
ScanDoc® J2534

Diagnostic interface supporting J2534 standard. It is used for diagnostics and programming of control units in conjunction with the software of car manufacturers concerns. Read more...

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ScanDoc Development

ScanDoc® development

It is a platform for those who need specific information or a diagnosis of a vehicle.

Companies that develop software for recording the vehicle fleet of companies can use this platform to obtain data such as mileage, fuel level, time until the next service, etc., as well as for receiving information about the technical condition of the car.

Companies that are developing diagnostic and repair equipment can integrate diagnostics or data collection into their devices. For example, in primary inspection devices or control-alignment devices.

Individuals can also use this platform to connect their vehicle to smart home devices or for any other suitable purposes.

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