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BOOT protocol

BOOT protocol for updating firmware in the adapter. The firmware is unique for each adapter and is available for download on request from the server. The microgram is encrypted and has a fixed size. The task of the bootloader program is to transfer the firmware file to the device.

Package format

Package format

All request and response packets have the same structure.

        BOOT_TYPE_DEV_SD  = 0xFF01// ScanDoc
        BOOT_TYPE_DEV_SDC    = 0xFF02// ScanDoc Compact
        BOOT_TYPE_DEV_MD3  = 0xFF03// MotoDoc3
        BOOT_TYPE_DEV_SDCWIFI  = 0xFF04// ScanDoc Compact WIFI
        BOOT_TYPE_DEV_SDCGSM  = 0xFF05// ScanDoc Compact GSM


(0x03) Boot version information
(0x01) Erase firmware
(0x02) Write one sector
(0x09) Firmware launch