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Description of PassThru adapter commands (ver 1.0.0)


General description

The adapter does not implement the full version of the standards SAE J2534/1-2004 и SAE J2534/2-2010. Before you start, you need to buy these standards.              at SAE. The adapter also has its own extensions to the standard for implementing protocols not included in the standard.

J2534 Features

PassThruOpen Connecting to an adapter
PassThruClose Disconnect from adapter
PassThruConnect Creating a protocol connection
PassThruDisconnect Delete connection
PassThruReadMsgs Read received messages
PassThruWriteMsgs Messaging
PassThruStartPeriodicMsg Start a periodic message
PassThruStopPeriodicMsg Delete periodic message
PassThruStartMsgFilter Setting a message filter
PassThruStopMsgFilter Delete message filter
PassThruIoctl Input output control
PassThruSetProgrammingVoltage Programming voltage setting
PassThruReadVersion Reading dll and adapter information

Adapter features

SetKeyUser Key Setting
StartBoot Switching the adapter to update download mode
HwTest Running a test with an external test dummy
LinkTest Run Communication Test