Quantex GmbH

Json commands(ver 1.0.0)


Parameters for executing Restfull Commands

Address: https://scandoc.online/rest.cgi for a server running on the local computer http://localhost:8099/rest.cgi
Request type: POST
Content type: application/json

Administrative commands

These commands are used for authorization in the system and management of access rights to adapters. Available only for the online version of the server.

srv.auth Login
srv.logout Sign Out
srv.ver Server Kernel Version Information
srv.ver.list List of available server core versions
srv.ver.set Installing the server core version
srv.dev.add Register a new user device in the list
srv.dev.del Removing a user device from the list
srv.dev.list User Instrument List
srv.dev.link Adding permission to use the device
srv.dev.unlink Removing permission to use the device
srv.dev.title Rename device name
srv.dev.update Download update to adapter
srv.dev.lock Lock adapter to work
srv.dev.linktest Run Communication Test
srv.dev.readvoltage Supply Voltage Information
srv.demo.add Adding an emulation device
srv.demo.del Removing an emulation device
srv.demo.emu Connection to a demo device emulation ECU

Commands for receiving data from a car

Used to issue ready-made data from the car (VIN, mileage, etc.). Provide access to the diagnostic functions of the car. When you work with an online server, these commands are available only after authorization srv.auth and blocking the adapter to work srv.dev.lock. If you use the local version of the server, then commands can be issued immediately as soon as communication with the adapter is established.

ecu.tree The contents of tree node brands
ecu.open Connect to control unit
ecu.close End connection with control unit
ecu.tab Launch the tab for parameter groups and tests
ecu.param Request for control unit parameters
ecu.func Work with functions

Additional materials

  1. Error (Description of errors)
  2. A file of ready-made commands for the RESTClient application for Firefox.
    (In the "Favorite Request" application menu, select "Favorite Request" Import.)