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ScanDoc Development

For developers of various equipment we offer ready OEM adapter or microchip to be embedded in own device. Using our platform can be a diagnostic device for a car, or a device that can receive information from the car.


ScanDoc mux

OEM adapter can connect to the computer via WiFi, GSM or Bluetooth connection. Software in the automobile adapter implements the lower level protocols. Simple interchange protocol with the computer allows to quickly and easily get started with the car.

For the installation of the scanner unit in own device is available a variant to buy microchips. Electrical circuit for microchip connection and adapter circuit can be found in the documentation section.

Description of PassThru adapter commands

ScanDoc mux

For software developers of enterprise management software there is an variant to work through a main server, which itself requests the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and gives already processed information. In this case, it does not need to know what kind of ECU is in the car and what commands need to send it. The server can request ready data by Restfull protocol in JSON format. Such as: VIN number, DTC codes, identification, run, DPF state , etc.

RESTful API server commands